Monday, June 1, 2009

All I needed was a plan!

Today was my very first RE appt. My hubby and I walked into Dr. G's office not knowing what to expect. It was actually a lot cozier than I imagined. We first sat down and spoke to the head nurse who was very nice and precise (I like that). She asked us all kinds of questions and then walked us over to Dr. G's office. The very first thing that I liked was that he sat us down at a small round table that was in the middle of the room. He went through the reproductive cycle (as if I had never heard this) and showed us what happens when during each cycle.

We talked for about 20 mins and touched on various subjects including how to cope with our emotions. He explained to my husband that men and women cope differently with infertility and that it would probably be helpful to both of us if we chose a close friend we could vent to when we were feeling preoccupied. He agreed with my Ob/gyn about PCOS being the cause for my troubles. He said he would move as fast as we wanted him to and that it was up to us how aggressive we wanted to be.

I almost started crying a few times during our discussion but then he said the following which put a smile on my face "There is no doubt I can get you pregnant we just have to figure out what route we want to take to get you there". Yes I know, he has to be reassuring but that still made me feel good. I had another sonogram done (which Dr. G did himself) and then he sent my pharmacy a prescription for Provera. He is going to do an HSG on me this month and has instructed my hubby to get a SA. He said we'll get this done in June so that we can start whatever treatment we decide on in July.

All of this is new to us and scary but also very comforting. Comforting because we finally have a plan in place. My hubby said something to me on our way back home that took me by surprise. He asked me why did I want to cry when we were talking to Dr. G. He said he could tell because my voice sounded different and I wasn't being as outspoken as I normally am. I explained to him it's just difficult to have to go through this. To which he responded "true but I know this is going to work and then we'll be dealing with taking care of our spoiled babies" lol. I love my hubby, he made me feel hopeful.

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