Monday, September 7, 2009

Frustrated with my RE

I went in for a sono today and it turned out to be a waste of time. I was scheduled on CD12 to check how I am responding to the clomid. Well after my sono Dr. G says it was too early to really get an indication of my response and said I needed to come back on CD14. Shouldn't his staff have known to schedule me on CD13 or CD14? Not only that but during my sono Dr. G kept asking me things he should already know. For example he asked me was I doing IUI or timed intercourse...shouldn't he know this? Then he asked me was this my first clomid why couldn't he take a few mins to go over my chart before I walked in? I know he was really busy and it was Labor day and all but I still feel like I deserve more attention than what he was giving me. I know that because I'm doing clomid w/timed intercourse I'm not as high on his priority list as say an IVF patient but I'm still a patient. I'm beginning to question whether I need to look for a new RE. Not really sure what to do here since he is the first RE that I have seen and therefore have nothing to compare him to. I really like his staff and usually feel like I'm getting great service so maybe today was just a fluke. I have another sono scheduled for Wednesday morning. I'm going to see how that goes but if I'm getting the same kind of treatment I will definitely have to talk to him about how I feel.

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